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My Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Brands!

Updated: Mar 12

Toxins within beauty products are seriously everywhere, you may think a brand is non-toxic but its not until you have done your thorough research until you truly see which brands are actually half way decent for you.

As a reminder, your skin is the largest organ in your body, it absorbs 60% of what is put on it within 26 seconds! These unwanted ingredients can build up in your body and cause a series of issues if your body is not able to properly detoxify itself. Even if your body is working properly to detoxify itself, the strain and constant effort on your lymphatic system is taking a serious toll on your health.

Here are my favorite non-toxic products that cover you from head to toe!

HAIR CARE: Maria Nila

Maria Nila is a brand that I have loved and supported from the moment I learned about them. They have a large array of products for every hair type and concern. Maria Nila is certified sulphate & paraben free, 100% vegan and cruelty free, CO2 conscious with packaging and nontoxic. Their products do not leave your hair feeling like it needs more love (like other nontoxic products I have tried), and my hair has never looked better.

BODY : Vanicream

Vanicream is a small brand from the US that I recently found when dealing with all my new allergies. This is the absolute cleanest family of lotions, deodorant, body wash, and skincare I could possibly find without making my skin feel stripped of moisture and having my armpits stink like shit. They are also beyond affordable!

SKINCARE : Zo Skincare

If you are looking for a medical grade skincare to improve your complexion, acne, aging, and overall texture, my new favorite regimen is by Zo Skincare. They have not officially stated that they are "toxic free" but their list of ingredients, while still being considered "medical grade" seems pretty clean to me. Zo Skincare can be purchased directly from their website, or by a local esthetician/dermatologist.

SKINCARE: The Ordinary

If Zo Skincare breaks the budget, because lets be honest spending a good $200+ is a big investment, The Ordinary has a huge line of affordable products for literally every issue under the sun. I use their peel regimen about once a week or whenever I feel like I have some serious acne that needs to be taken under control.


A lot of us don't think about how many chemicals your ordinary tampons hold! The average woman uses about 10,000 tampons in her life, and if you're like me "bleed heavy for days on end" I can guaranteed thats doubled. Studies have found that your typical tampon holds chemicals that cause "endocrine disrupters" which have been linked to brain disorders, obesity, reproductive issues, and even cancer. Do yourself a favor a opt for an organic tampon!


I can't even being to explain how many terrible ingredients are in your typical Colgate toothpaste, but it was hard for me to find a company that not only has all non-toxic ingredients, but makes your mouth feel clean. I have tried the typical Tom's and others, but I feel like I don't get that serious deep cleaning that I do with David's. Not only that, but they give you this adorable little wind up key that locks into the tube, so you get every last drop!

That's all I have for now! I want to keep these posts short and sweet so you get the knowledge you need without spending years reading!


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