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My Favorite Makeup Brand!

Updated: Mar 18

My entire childhood I suffered from terrible acne and being always made fun of for the way my skin looked, I always searched for the most covering makeup possible no matter what the price or brand. Unknowingly to me, this makeup made my skin problems worse then before because most makeup wasn't considered "non comedogenic" aka, causes acne. I would wash my face after a long day of having makeup on and my skin would be rashy red, and of course my pimples that I had would be enraged and dying for air. Then the next morning I would have even more breakouts and its a vicious cycle.

Until I learned all about skin and made it my obsession. I still have acne but its not this type of acne, the acne that you can control by doing a few simple switches.

I discovered the brand "Lawless" when I lived in San Diego because I had already followed the owner Annie. She was always health conscious and someone I admired from afar. When I tried her powder I fell in love, it had the same consistency as the beloved Laura Mercier powder, but felt lighter on the skin, lasted way longer (literally more powder in the jar) and was cheaper.

I was hooked, I loved it and then I dove into her other products and found that literally every product she had I loved. I have OCD too, I like to keep things within the same family so that my routine is easy, my shopping is easy, when I share tips and tricks I am not showing you or telling you guys 5000 different brands.... I use everything from Lawless EXCEPT concealer. She hasn't come out with one yet so I am still on a NARS kick, which has been my go-to for the past year.

All of lawless products are clean ingredients, free of all the "bs" other makeup brands pack into their products, and vegan/cruelty free!

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